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Turnkey Automated Crate and Product Automation and Crate Washer

New  Turnkey Automated Crate and Product Automation and Crate Washing Solution.

Spring 2014 sees Newsmith design, manufacture and install a major automated  crate handling solution for a major European bakery group.

Designed to handle 2000 crates per hour the system includes an automatic crate unstacking and trash removal system feeding a two lane Newsmith crate washing and drying machine.

On completion of drying the washed and cleaned baskets are automatically conveyed to 6   new smith Basket Loaders  which automatically form patterns from the  packaged bread Loaves and gently place them into the baskets at a rate of 50 loaves per minute per machine.

On completion of loading filled baskets are then stacked and automatically  transferred  to the bakery loading area for transfer  into the bakeries distribution fleet.

This  installation is the latest in a series of highly automated bakery  solutions that have been installed in the UK, Europe ,Australasia and North America

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